Principal’s Welcome

Choosing a English Medium Islamic school in which the most important phase of your children`s lives will be spent, is an exciting and surely daunting experience. This is the first major decision you make about the direction of your children`s future; what they study and where, will have a major impact on your children`s prospects, future career and most importantly the type of personality deve3lopment that will take place.

This website gives you a feeling for EPIC`S ethos and a foretaste of the excitement of being part of this EPIC struggle, to revive the forgotten glory and excellence of our Islamic character and leadership. Our hallmark is research led teaching and learning.

EPIC strives to provide a program which establishes the key skills needed for academic success for all times to come.

I hope this is both informative and interesting and inspires you to join this EPIC march forward into the future, which is our target

Humaira Irfan

Associate Professor

M.A (TEFL) University of Reading, UK

MA English Literature, University of The Punjab

Associate Professor

"And to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, and to Allah shall all affairs be returned for decision".
Qur'an: Surah: 3, verse: 110.)
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